"Our" Mission Statement
Jim & KIm Kahan

Our mission is to help our clients make a decision in their best interest, which will add to the quality of their life, while building long term relationships where they consider us their “trusted advisors”.

We are committed to delivering the best service to all our clients, in order to help them achieve their own goals.  We do this by being completely honest with them, even if it doesn’t appear to be in our best interest.  We know that having the courage to tell them what is best for them (not us), and to be true and honest, is always the right course of action in the long run.  We are committed to continually improving our real estate knowledge, negotiating skills and personal growth, so we will always be the best that we can be.  Together we are committed to working harder and smarter than most, so we can help as many clients as possible.  It is important to us to continually increase knowledge and education to better serve our clients by attending seminars and retreats around the country, each year. These coaching sessions are conducted by the largest coaching company in the world which gives us a unique edge in the Connecticut real estate market.  We also devote time to various charitable organizations and a portion of each commission check goes directly to our client’s favorite charity.

We live our lives in an organized manner and keep our business and personal goals in front of us at all times, so that our purpose is always crystal clear.  We are committed to having a positive attitude, being enthusiastic about life and making the vision of our goals a reality.  We surround ourselves with positive people who value honesty and integrity, as much as we do.  We always do what is right, trusting our judgment, and helping our clients achieve their goals as well.  In turn, they are always eager to refer business our way, in order to help our business expand and grow.

We are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of others.  We have the courage to take a stand on the things that matter to us, on important issues that are proper, moral and just.  We are excited about life and grateful for the opportunities and talents we’ve been given.  We are committed to living our lives by this philosophy and know that we’re responsible for achieving all the goals we’ve set forth.  External influences never stop us, because we are in control and know we can do anything we set out to. We live our life by the “Just Do It” philosophy with “No Excuses” and are completely committed to achieving all our goals, each and every day.



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